Hand Pallet TrucksBADA TMS-80 Manual scissor lift pallet truck

    BADA TMS80Stainless steel scissors high-lift pallet

    BADA TMS80 is the pallet truck made completely in stainless steel AISI 304, suitable for the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and microelectronics industries. Durable, easy to handle and ergonomic, it meets the most stringent cleaning requirements and can be sanitised with high-pressure washing.

    Face with confidence the daily challenges of your work with our stainless steel scissor lift pallet truck, a concentrate of power, reliability and hygiene. Designed and manufactured in Italy with the best materials, this pallet truck is the ideal choice for:

    • Industrial environments: its resistance to water, acids, bases and other aggressive agents makes it perfect for use in environments with corrosive atmospheres or where a high degree of cleanliness is required.
    • Food, pharmaceutical, chemical and microelectronics industries: the AISI 304 stainless steel used for its construction is a non-porous material and therefore very hygienic, easy to clean and disinfect.
    • Heavy loads handling: with a lifting capacity up to 1000 kgs, the pallet truck can handle any load with maximum efficiency.
    • Manoeuvrability in tight spaces: the compact design and ergonomic drawbar grant unrivalled agility, allowing you to operate with ease even in areas with limited space.

    Not only a pallet truck, but an investment: its robustness and reliability make it a long-lasting product that will more than refund your initial investment.

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    Discover the advantages of choosing our stainless steel scissor lift pallet truck:

    • Robustness and strength: AISI 304 stainless steel guarantees unrivalled resistance to impact, corrosion and wear for an exceptional service life.
    • Flawless hygiene: the non-porous material facilitates the cleaning and disinfection, making the pallet truck ideal for environments with high hygiene standards.
    • Performance and power: lift loads up to 1000 kgs at a height of 800 mm with ease and fluidity, optimising your handling processes.
    • Ergonomics and comfort: the ergonomic drawbar and the excellent manoeuvrability, together with the correct load height, reduce the operator’s effort, preventing effort and increasing the productivity.
    • Safety: the side stabilising rollers provide stability for the goods and safety for the operator and keep the load perfectly balanced, increasing the safety.
    • Made in Italy: a product of Italian excellence, made with care and attention to details.

    Choose the stainless steel scissor lift pallet truck and discover the difference:

    • Increase your productivity: handle your loads more efficiently and quickly.
    • Reduce your costs: its durability and reliability minimise the need for maintenance and repairs.
    • Hygiene guarantee: protect your products and your working environment from contamination.
    • Safety for you and your products: work with peace of mind, knowing you are using a certified and safe product.
    • Features:
    • Optionals and special fittings available:
    • Load capacity: 1.000 kgs
    • Lifting heights: 115/800 mm
    • AISI 316 stainless steel
    • Taylor-made chassis to handle special loads
    • Non-standard length and forks width

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