Hand Pallet TrucksBADA TMS-80E Electric scissor lift pallet truck

    BADA TMS80EElectric scissors lift pallet truck

    Robustness and reliability without compromise

    The BADA TMS80E scissors lift pallet truck is a Made in Italy excellence: completely projected and manufactured in Italy, with a very high quality stainless steel, it offers an uncomparable robustness and reliability. The choice of the stainless steel grants an exceptional resistance to corrosion and wear, assuring a safe and long-lasting investment to the TMS80E.

    Not only robust:

    • Work environments:The TMS80E pallet truck is ideal for the use into corrosive environments and for the contact with food products, additives and pharmaceuticals. This allows the usage in various industrial sectors such as: Food, Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Microelectronics and Cleanroom.
    • Long-lasting:The stainless steel choice assures a long-lasting life to the pallet truck, reducing the service and repair costs to the minimum.
    • Ease to clean:The stainless steel is an easy-to-clean and sanitise material, making the TMS80E pallet truck ideal for environments with high hygiene standards.
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    Power and versatility at your service

    The TMS80E is equipped with an electric lifting system that allows to reach a lifting height of 800 mm with a load capacity of 1.000 kgs, in order to place the goods at a perfect working height and reduce the operator’s effort. Its versatility makes it ideal for a variety of applications in different work contexts, such as:

    • Processing in contact with food, additives and pharmaceuticals: Thanks to its certification, the TMS80E pallet truck is ideal for handling raw materials and finished products in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
    • Laboratories: The TMS80E pallet truck can be used for the handling of equipments and materials in the Research and Development labs (R&D).
    • Cleanroom: The TMS80E pallet truck is ideal for the handling of components and products in controlled environments such as the Cleanrooms.

    The pallet truck is also equipped with side stabiliser rollers to ensure the safe lifting of goods and for the operator.

    Choose the efficient and safe handling

    The TMS80E pallet truck is designed for maximum efficiency and safety. Its compact dimensions and manoeuvrability make it easy to use even in tight spaces. The BADA TMS80E electric scissor lift pallet truck is the ideal choice for those looking for a high-quality, reliable, versatile and safe product. With its Italian-made design and state-of-the-art technology, the TMS80E is the perfect partner for optimising workflows and increasing productivity in your business.

    Choose the BADA TMS80E pallet truck and discover the Made in Italy difference!

    • Features:
    • Available options and special equipments:
    • Capacity: 1000 kgs
    • Lifting heights: 115/800 mm
    • AISI 316 stainless steel
    • Taylor-made chassis to handle special loads
    • Not standard forks length and width

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