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Thanks to our experience, we produce pallet trucks and stackers entirely in stainless steel, thought for the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, cleanroom and microelectronics industries. We are present in the best industrial plants and every day we are committed to grant the safety and quality in the production lines.

Production sectors Where we are Applications

Our daily commitment guarantees to your company safety and reliability in every movement, leaving nothing to chance. For us it is very important to respect our daily commitment.


We supply all sectors where hygiene and food safety are in 1st place, to guarantee the quality of the foods you eat every day.


Our stainless steel protects against chemical risks, thanks to the chance of being washed thoroughly with high pressure water jets.


The health of end consumers must be put at the first goal: our products can be adequately disinfected without risk.


Stainless steel quality also means quality and safety in the production of boards and microcircuits for the usage in electronics.
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BADA MH in detail What we do

Our vision

Bada Material Handling works to have always a stock of standard stainless steel pallet trucks and stackers ready for delivery, to meet the current requests of the increasingly demanding market.

Our quality

The manufacturing and supply of pallet trucks and stackers completely Made in Italy and in stainless steel is our strength!

Our continuous improvement

Bada Material Handling always tries to improve the quality of the materials and electronic plants used to produce its stainless steel pallet trucks and stackers.

Our customers

For us, the customer is not a number or a sales order: he is a partner who asks for solutions to his needs and we, at Bada Material Handling, are ready to satisfy them.

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The Bada Material Handling team is ready to welcome you into its world of pallet trucks and stackers entirely in stainless steel.

Our machines Our products

Use of our products

Using pallet trucks and stainless steel stackers means paying attention to the finished product that end customers (…included all of us…) consume every day on their tables or assume to treat certain pathologies.
The Hygiene and Safety regulations in the production world of food and pharmaceutical companies also regulate this, Bada Material Handling knows it well and this is why it always recommends the use of its own stainless steel machines.

Specific solutions

To meet the requirements of food, agri-food, chemical, pharmaceutical, cleanroom and microelectronics companies, Bada Material Handling projects and supplies its stainless steel pallet trucks and stackers specifically designed to operate in these sectors. The specificity of each of them is therefore reflected in the manufacturing’s detail of the Bada branded machines.


The Bada stainless steel pallet trucks and stackers are produced in full compliance with the rules of the Machinery Directive and with the EC Regulation. Furthermore, they are subjected to the current specific UNI standards required by the food or pharmaceutical sectors.

Our company

The Bada Material Handling company has always taken care of the eco-sustainability: it uses only environmentally friendly raw materials and Foodgrade certified hydraulic oil, suitable for operating in production environments where there may be accidental contact with food.

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