AnnouncementsBADA Stainless Steel pallet trucks and stackers

    BADA Stainless Steel Pallet Trucks and Stackers: The Ideal Solution for Internal Handling.

    BADA, a leading manufacturer of high quality pallet trucks and stackers, has a full range of stainless steel models designed to meet the specific needs of the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and microelectronics industries.

    Why choose BADA stainless steel pallet trucks and stackers?

    1. Unbeatable strength and durability:

    Stainless steel offers unparalleled resistance to corrosion, staining and wear, making it the ideal choice for heavy-duty use in aggressive environments with high standards of hygiene. The BADA stainless steel pallet trucks and stackers grant a significantly longer lifespan than the standard steel models, offering a safe and profitable investment over time.

    1. Easy Cleaning and Sanitising:

    The smooth and non-porous surface of the stainless steel facilitates cleaning and sanitising, making the BADA pallet trucks and stackers perfect for environments with strict hygiene protocols. The possibility of thorough washing with water and aggressive detergents, without the risk of damaging the machine, maintains high standards of cleanliness and prevents the proliferation of bacteria and pathogens.

    1. Absolute Reliability and Safety:

    BADA pays the utmost attention to the reliability and safety of its products. The stainless steel pallet trucks and stackers are manufactured with high-quality components and subjected to rigorous testing to ensure flawless operation even under intense working conditions. The implementation of advanced safety systems, such as emergency brakes, load drop protection systems and proximity sensors, protects the operator during the handling operations, minimising the risk of accidents.

    1. Ergonomics for a Comfortable Work:

    BADA designs its stainless steel pallet trucks and stackers with a high focus on ergonomics to minimise operator fatigue and maximise the productivity. The ergonomic handle, intuitive control levers and optimal arrangement of components reduce physical effort and improve posture during use, facilitating safer and more comfortable work.

    1. Perfect application areas:

    Food companies: The stainless steel is the ideal material for handling the food products as it doesn’t release particles that could contaminate the food. Easy cleaning and sanitising ensure a compliance with the strict hygiene regulations of the food sector.

    Chemical companies: The BADA stainless steel pallet trucks and stackers are resistant to a wide range of aggressive chemicals, such as acids, bases and solvents, ensuring maximum safety and durability in the demanding industrial environments.

    Pharmaceutical companies: The stainless steel is an ideal material for handling the pharmaceutical products as it’s easy to clean and sanitise, preventing the product contamination. In compliance with the GMP and FDA regulations guarantees the safety and integrity of the pharmaceutical products.

    Microelectronics companies: The BADA stainless steel pallet trucks and stackers are projected to handle the delicate components that are sensitive to electrostatic discharge. The special stainless steel construction dissipates electrical charges, protecting electronic components from damage and malfunction.

    In addition to supplying high-quality pallet trucks and stackers, BADA is a reliable partner for the internal material handling.

    Choose BADA stainless steel pallet trucks and stackers for a maximum reliability, safety and durability!