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Pharmaceutical SectorBADA Material Handling in the pharmaceutical industry

    The pharmaceutical industry, a complex and highly regulated universe, where the compliance to rules, safety and hygiene assume a role of primary importance. In this contest, the efficient and safe material handling is a critical componentfor the quality of the pharmaceutical product and for the workers’ protection.

    The stainless steel stands out as an undisputed protagonist in the overview of the material handling into the pharmaceutical sector. Its inner characteristics make it the ideal choice for such a demanding work environment:

    • Stainlessness and corrosion resistance: The stainless steel L’acciaio inox has got an exceptional resistance to a wide range of chemical and corrosive agents, commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry. This feature makes all the cleanings and sanifications operations easier, ensuring a safe and aseptic work environment.
    • Easy cleaning and sanitising: The smooth and non-porous surfaces of the stainless steel are a true shield against contamination. Their ease of cleaning and disinfection makes it possible to reduce to the minimum terms the risk of bacteria spread, preserving the integrity of the pharmaceutical product.
    • Strength and durability: The stainless steel is unique for its exceptional mechanical, able to bear heavy loads and an intense wear. A long-term investment that ensures reliability and operational continuity over time.
    • Compliance with regulations: The stainless steel is fully compliant with hygiene and safety regulations applicable into the pharmaceutical sector. Its fulfilment grants the maximum compliance to the alle strict rules that govern this industry.

    The stainless steel transpallets and stackers assume a strategic role for an efficient and safe raw materials, finished products and other goods handling into the pharmaceutical industry. These devices offer a wide range of undeniable advantages:

    • Enhanced ergonomics: Projected to reduce the physical effort of the operators, these equipments improve the work ergonomics, preventing the occupational accidents and diseases, and increasing the productivity.
    • Safety: Equipped with advanced braking and safety systems, the stainless steel pallet trucks and stackers grant the maximum protection of the operators and of the goods, minimizing the risks of damages and accidents.
    • Reduced risk of pollution: the stainless steel surfaces, easy to clean and disinfect, contribute to have a working environment contaminant-free, protecting the quality of the pharmaceutical product and the operators’ health.

    BADA, a leading company into the material handling sector, offers a wide and complete range of stainless steel pallet trucks and stackers projected to satisfy the various needings of the pharmaceutical sector. By choosing BADA, you are sure to have as available reliable, performing and complying with the strictest regulations equipments.

    Why choosing BADA for your material handling?

    • Experience and competence: BADA has a significant experience in the material handling sector, offering innovative solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.
    • Quality and reliability: All the BADA products are manufactured with the best materials and state-of-the-art technology, guaranteeing maximum reliability and longlife.
    • Safety and compliance: BADA focuses itself on safety and regulatory compliance, offering certified products that meet the highest safety standards.

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